Juicy woman during menopause

Dear woman,

do you wish to embrace your femininity and learn Taoist, Tantric and Modern techniques to regain your juiciness, radiance and self-confidence?

The program Shiny & Magnetic during menopause is the program for rejuvenation and care of femininity which takes place in six workshops individually or in a group, live or online.

During menopause, women experience discomfort such as hot flushes, night sweats and vaginal dryness, as well as frequent energy loss, mood disorders and poor ability to concentrate.

The tradition of the White Tigress proves that women already knew how to take care of their juiciness, shine and longevity even at menopause 4000 years ago. The revived Tantric and Taoist tradition and the modern approaches of Savina Atai and Mantak Chia offer modern women completely natural skills to restore juiciness, vitality and longevity.

«Tao face yoga, Juicy Face Lifting«

Tao face yoga has tremendous benefits in menopause. We know that facial muscles decline over the years. We re-strengthen them with exercise, blood flow to the face, neck and scalp. With this, we supply more oxygen to the cells, so the skin becomes taut, smooth and glowing. We work not only on the muscles but also on the bone mass of the face. With the exercises, we pull the skull bones upwards and thus influence the pulling of the face. The most important benefit of exercise is the ignition of the glands in the head: the hypothalamus, pineal gland and pituitary gland. These are the glands that take care of all the main functions in the body: to balance the nervous system and hormones, maintain the condition of the brain and rejuvenate our body. Facial exercises are designed to affect a specific organ in the body. With them, we learn to balance our body and well- being.

Breast and ovarian massage

Breast massage lifts, circulates and cleanses stagnant lymph from the breast area, activates juicy hormones. The more sex hormones work in the body, the more juicy and rejuvenated the body is. Massage also makes contact with your emotions, as we know that emotions accumulate right in the chest. It is important for a menopausal woman to massage her ovaries. In this way, she tricks them into feeling that they are still ovulating, and then she massages her breasts in this energy.


Breathing is the basis of life. It supplies oxygen to the body and stimulates the lymph, which flushes toxins from our bodies. During menopause, breathing techniques are extremely useful, as they have a calming effect, raise energy levels, reduce the false feeling of hunger, increase concentration, and eliminate physical and emotional pain.


Meditation regulates emotions on all levels, relaxes the body and restores its softness and radiance. It is good to regularly take care to clear the body of all negative energies, memories, difficult emotions and patterns brought about by various relationships and experiences from the past or fears of the future.

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles

Exercises strengthen the lower circular muscles and reproductive organs and revive juicy hormones. The more vaginal moisture increases, the more pleasure there is in sexuality. By using crystal eggs, we overcome traumas on a physical, energetic and emotional level and establish love for ourselves.

The program is prepared using the knowledge and certificate of "TAO WOMAN LIFTING" by Savina Atai & Mantak Chia.

Module 1

- An introductory lecture in which you will learn about the methodology of a woman's biorhythmic clock, monthly and annual cycle, how, according to Chinese medicine, the five elements are related to the five internal organs and five different women of ourselves that we encounter throughout the female menstrual cycle.

- Abdominal breathing

Module 2

-Tao face yoga, activation of glands, part 1

-Meditation for female balance

Module 3

-Tao face yoga, activation of glands, part 2

-Training of the lower circular muscles

Module 4

-Tao face yoga, activation of glands, part 3

- Energy care of the ovaries

Module 5

-Tao face yoga, activation of glands, part 4

-Breast massage

Module 6

-Tao face yoga, activation of glands, part 5

-Breathing exercises for female balance in accordance with female cycle

With regular exercises according to the Shiny & Magnetic woman program, you will regain your juiciness and self-confidence.

Course price


The course will take place via the Zoom platform.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that allows a large number of people, each in their own location - each on their own computer or mobile phone - to meet live. It allows you to follow the workshop and actively participate. Before each online meeting, you will receive a link to your email address where the online meeting will take place.